Client : Eton International
Challenges : Prone to natural calamities, highly damaged transport infrastructure
Services/Solution : Carried out R&D to design a unique rig for the country

Only a few manufacturers who have a combination of sound Research & Development and proficient engineers can understand the indigenous challenges of a region and provide a custom-fit solution to completely address them.

Our professionally trained engineers at PRD Rigs who have first-hand working experience in almost all the challenging terrains across the world are quick to come up with the design of the portable drilling rig PRD 450 for Eton International in Haiti. The second most populous country in the Caribbean is characterized by frequent natural calamities like cyclones, hurricanes, floods and earthquakes which often damage the road transport infrastructure.

The light and portable PRD 450 hydraulic drilling rig which can be dismantled, carried by men to the site of operation and reassembled, greatly benefitted the Haitians in providing them potable water, no matter the environmental challenges.


The PRD T 500D is specially designed for dimensional stone quarries and comes with optional attachments such as anti- jamming, digital depth & angle indicator, dust collector,radio remote/manual.



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