Client : Watson Zambia Ltd (Ministry of Mines, Energy & Water Development)
Challenge : Time constraint
Services/Solution : Designed & delivered 8 highly customized rigs in 8 months

Zambia wasn’t spared from the dry spell that troubled the southern African countries. Drought after drought has made the land parched and agriculture questionable. According to a report, there was more than 50% decline in the growth of the country’s staple food and more than one million people were forced to dwell in poor living conditions with little access to food and water.

PRD Rigs collaborated with Watson Zambia Ltd (Ministry of Mines, Energy & Water Development) for the supply of 8 nos. of water drilling rigs. PRD Speed Star was designed especially for the region, was named so for two reasons, One – the capability of the machine to operate in a flash, Two – the pace at which the machines were designed and delivered. Keeping in mind the plight of the people, our team designed, manufactured and delivered 8 nos. of PRD Speed Star in just 8 months while it would usually take up to 24 months for delivery of this volume.

PRD Speed Star’s fleet supply and thoughtfully engineered customizations are helping the Zambian government raise the living conditions of their citizens and in surviving the terrible drought.


The PRD T 500D is specially designed for dimensional stone quarries and comes with optional attachments such as anti- jamming, digital depth & angle indicator, dust collector,radio remote/manual.



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